We first reported on the Downtown Flushing local legend, Kathy's 126 Restaurant-n-Lounge back in May. It's been serving the community for decades. Last summer, a new owner took over, hoping to continue that tradition.

Why is Kathy's 126 in Downtown Flushing, MI Closing?

According to their recent Facebook post, Kathy's will be closed during the traditional 4th of July period the previous owner observed for staff to rest & relax. They'll be closed Thursday June 29th through July 4th. Reopening on July 5th.

Upgrades will include:

  • A complete remodel of the kitchen
  • New kitchen equipment to improve "efficiency, quality and working conditions" for the team.
  • New carpet in the dining room.
  • An update to the lounge is slated to happen during this time, too.

No specifics on the latter. That will be a surprise for guests.

Who is the new owner at Kathy's 126 in Downtown Flushing, MI?

Bree Thomas is the new owner operating Kathy's 126 in Downtown Flushing. She recently told ABC12 how wonderful it is to serve people she knows and has grown up with around the area. Thomas purchased the business from long-time owners Kathy Birchmeier and her brother, Robert. Birchmeier told MLive in 2011 it was "more bar than restaurant" in 1986 when they bought it.

Thomas brings a wealth of knowledge to the business as she's experienced in every facet of operations from serving, bartending to managing the "front of house" and "back of house."

Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View

What does Kathy's 126 in Flushing serve?

We've previously reported on their fantastic breakfast -- one of the best spots in Genesee County with their homemade deliciousness. People rave on Yelp about the homemade meatloaf and the famous, homemade Chicken Dumpling Soup. Expect delicious pasta dishes, sandwiches, desserts and a wide variety of adult beverages, too.

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Heads up, they don't have Wi-Fi according to Yelp. That doesn't bother me, but it may, some. Treat yourself to a local legend especially with the nicer weather... patio seating will be available at Kathy's 126, too.

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