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The last four months have been stressful for all of us. We're adults, and look at the toll it's taken on us. Imagine what kids are going through.

Our granddaughter, whose first year of school was abruptly cut short, seemed exasperated when she told us, "Everyone is always talking to me about staying safe from germs." She was forced to finish kindergarten via Zoom meetings.

Which brings us to this 4-year-old girl from Phoenix. Blake is visibly upset as she tries to wrap her head around the pandemic and the fact that "everything has to shut all the way down."

Blake expresses her frustration that the ice cream truck is shut down and goes on to tell parents Ben and Rebecca, "We can't go anywhere, not even McDonald's."

Dad offers consolation by saying that they can pick up McDonald's in the drive-thru, Blake is adamant. "No you can't," she says.

Her dad is able to convince her that they can indeed get food at the McDonald's drive-thru, but the play area at her favorite restaurant is closed.

"Yeah," Blake says. "It's just really frustrating. If you go through the drive-thru, it's just boring."

The McLennans, who adopted Blake and her four biological siblings tell the Phoenix Patch that since the video has gone viral, they've received numerous messages from strangers offering to send Blake toys and gift certificates from McDonald's. They've declined, asking people to give to local charities and foster programs in their communities.

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