This story will either depress you or give you some hope for your older years.  Dr. Charles Eugster is a retired dentist from Great Britain who started exercising when he was in his 80's.

He started to notice that his body was becoming flabby in his eighth decade, so he did something about it.  He started working out.  He entered his first bodybuilding competition when he was 87.

Eugster said, "I am of the opinion that no age is too old, aging has become an enormous pleasure, a delight, a joy."

To demonstrate his unusual fitness, he recently did 57 dips, 61 chin-ups and 48 crunches, each in 45 seconds.

Most people can't do a single chin-up, and only the most fit could do as many as Dr. Eugster.  That includes people that are 70 years his junior.

If you are thinking about starting an exercise program, no matter what your age, it is always a good idea to check with your physician first.

Dr. Eugster is an exception to the rule, but is still an inspiring story.  If you are already working out, keep it up!  It is easier to keep a good thing going than to keep starting over.

As someone who is already in my early 50's I see Dr. Eugster as a good example that there could still be some "upside" to getting older.  And that it's never too early or too late to start.

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