Soda displays and mattress sales, oh my. This doesn't happen for the attack on Pearl Harbor, why does it happen for 9/11? 

It's been 15 years since the attack on New York City. Mind blowing fact: this is the first year that freshmen in high school will learn about it as "history" because they weren't alive when it happened. Yep, the rest of us are just getting old.

Anyways, Pat has always said that "the 9/11 sales are coming." He said that we're almost to the point where we're desensitized enough to do it. Welp, it appears that 15 years is the magic number. Mattress sales, lighters (remember those?) and pop displays at Walmart. This is where we're at.

I consider myself a pretty easy-going person; I'm an Irish girl. I can laugh at almost everything and nothing offends me. However, I still believe in tact. The definition of tact is "understanding and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues." So yes, 3,000 Americans being killed on our own soil IS a "difficult issue."

I know that people think that we're too sensitive nowadays. Yes, there IS a time and place for being offended. Racism is offensive. Sexism is offensive. Those are just two obvious examples. Look at it this way: how would you feel about a 9/11 pop display or a mattress sale if one of YOUR loved ones had died in the attacks?

I shook my head at the above examples. I wasn't offended, but more disappointed in our lack of tact. We don't have Pearl Harbor sales, why do we have 9/11 sales? What do YOU think?