What started out as a joke ended up being the most memorable part of this wedding. 

Jennifer Briskin wanted her grandfather, Stanley, to be part of her wedding ceremony, but she wasn't sure how to incorporate him.

They walk around the park every Sunday together, and she had mentioned that she thought it would be funny if he would be the flower girl in her wedding. So, she had a handkerchief made that said, "Papa, will you be my flower grandpa? Love, Jen."

He says that he practiced for a week, but as he walked down the aisle, he forgot what he was supposed to do and threw the petals AT the guests instead of on the aisle. Regardless, everybody loved it.

Hold your grandparents close - you will miss them when you're gone. I was blessed to have both my grandmothers at our wedding, but my grandfather passed a few months prior. I would've given anything for him to be there. Love this video!