Cody Dortch requested extra chores at home and even babysat so he could save up his money for it.

He took seven of his eight teachers, whom he's had since kindergarten in Oklahoma, out to dinner before moving on to middle school. And, aside from kindness, what persuaded him to do this?

"His friend's brother passed away and he started thinking that he needs to show people that you don’t have that much time," his mom, Ashley Dortch, told ABC News. "All these teachers had been awesome through this. Every single one."

He saved up $200 and invited his teachers out to dinner at a local restaurant. "He had designed invitations on the computer," Dortch said. "There were a couple of teachers who do not teach anymore so we found their addresses and mailed it to them. We hand-delivered the invitations to the other teachers."

Welp, we can't go back in time and do the same for our teachers, but I think his message is important - it's never too late to do something nice for somebody. This kid is a good egg. :)