I shouldn't have to persuade you to see cute animals, but if you need an extra push -- I can help with that.

Animal Planet's Peter Gros is coming to The Whiting on November 16th, and if you're a HUGE animal lover like I am, you NEED to see his show. It's super fascinating and it'll give you all the warm and fuzzy feels that you're looking for.

Here are five more reasons that you should check out his show:

1. They're Involved with Our Very Own AJ's Animals

Every Monday, we feature an animal from the Humane Society of Genesee County who is up for adoption. We're giving away tickets to his show all next week, starting with Monday's AJ's Animals -- so make sure you're listening!

2. His Animals Might Just Bring You to Tears

True story - the first time my sister saw a sloth, she cried. And she'll admit that, too.

3. He's a Champion for the Underdogs of Nature

He's all about the misunderstood animals, like ravens, which are extremely intelligent and often confused with crows.

4. He's Won Four Emmys and is Endorsed by the National PTA for Family Viewing

We all know that there's enough garbage entertainment out there, and Peter Gros is the exact opposite. The show is family friendly and interactive.

First Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards for Business & Financial Reporting
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5. All of His Animals are Licensed and Have Been Raised Around Humans

They've all been licensed and insured on a state and federal level, and most of them have been bottle-fed by humans since they were babies.

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BONUS REASON: Genesee County residents get 40% off tickets!

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