After 28 years hosting ‘Live!,’ Regis Philbin will walk away from his longtime gig Friday. That’s one hour each day we’ve grown accustomed to Reege invading our living rooms that’s now gone. So, how can you fill that time? Let us help you:

1. Figure out how to pronounce Hoda Kotb.

2. Launch a letter-writing campaign to Congress urging lawmakers to pass a bill making it legal to imprison anyone who uses the phrase “Is that your final answer?” Seriously, people, it’s not 2000, anymore.

3. Start a petition begging Philbin to come back so that he realizes he made an eg-Regis error.

4. Get a job. Why are you watching TV at 9 a.m. on a Tuesday? In this economy, you need to be out pounding the pavement trying to find work.

5. Write a remake of ‘Grumpy Old Men’ with Regis and Joe Paterno playing the leads.

6. Invest in shuffleboard stock. With Regis having more time on his hands, he may pick up the hobby and when people realize that, sales of paddles and discs will skyrocket.

7. Watch something else. We’re not sure, but we think there may be a court show on another channel somewhere in the morning.

8. Actually take the time to make one of those recipes you see on ‘Rachael Ray.’

9. Break the bad news to Bob Barker that he’s been bumped to second on the list of coolest retired hosts of a long-running show that airs in the morning.

10. Pay homage to the man by watching a marathon of every hour he’s ever been on TV. Hey, you don’t have a job, so you should be able to spare the 16,000 hours, right?

11. Take some time to figure out just where in the world is Matt Lauer.

12. Go out and buy Ashton Kutcher a copy of The Idiot’s Guide to Tweeting.