Rob Morlino is living at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society for two days to raise $10,000.

And, to make it even better, he's broadcasting it all LIVE on Facebook. If you donate $10, they will get a shout-out on camera. If you donate $25, he’ll either get a cup of coffee or a head scratch from a volunteer. And, the big one: if you donate $10,000, you'll "adopt Rob" and he'll dress nice for  you and cook you lasagna.

He says that it's "absolutely a publicity stunt" to raise money for the shelter. He IS using a human toilet, so no volunteers have to clean up his poop (be honest, you were wondering).

You can watch him live on their Facebook page, and if you don't make it over there in time, all of his previous videos are posted.

Doesn't look too shabby, does it?!

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