Dearborn, Michigan is tied to several famous and notable people.

Dearborn is the seventh most-populated city in Michigan. As of the 2020 census, Dearborn also has the largest Muslim population in the United States per capita and is home to the largest mosque in the nation. Dearborn is also located in Wayne County.

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The city of Dearborn is the home of the world headquarters for the Ford Motor Company. It is also home to several major businesses such as DFCU Financial, Oakwood Healthcare System, Visteon, Henry Ford College, and more. You'll also find the headquarters for businesses such as Carhartt, Eppinger, AAA Michigan, and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Several colleges and universities also have campuses in Dearborn including the University of Michigan, Henry Ford College, Concordia University, Central Michigan University, Kaplan Career Institute, and more.

Dearborn is also home to a healthy art scene as well. The area includes several museums such as the Arab American National Museum, Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, the Automotive Hall of Fame, and others. The Ford-Wyoming Drive-In movie theater is also located in Dearborn.

No matter where you go in Michigan, you are bound to find out that someone famous or notable has ties to each city. Michigan has produced a lot of talent and it is pretty fun to see who came from where.

Dearborn has ties to music artists, several actors & actresses, political figures, business owners, and more. Check out just 12 famous and/or notable people from Dearborn below.

Source: Wikipedia

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