An 11-year-old girl is the sole survivor after the small plane she was riding in crashed in Northern Michigan.

Four of the five people who were aboard the plane died when it crashed on Beaver Island on Saturday. Beaver Island is situated in Lake Michigan northwest of Charlevoix in Northwest Michigan.

Authorities have identified three of the four victims, telling Fox 17

Three of the four victims have been identified. Authorities tell Fox 17 that one of the couples had recently moved to Beaver Island with intentions of opening a winery. Kate Leese and Adam Kendall perished in the crash, along with Mide Perdue, a real estate agent from Gaylord, Michigan, who was working with the couple.

Perdue's daughter is said to be the 11-year-old girl who survived the crash. The girl sustained injuries in the mishap and was taken to McLaren Hospital in Northern Michigan for treatment. At the time of this writing, she is reported to be in fair condition.

The plane's pilot, who also died in the crash, has not yet been identified.

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Up North Live reports that the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office, the Beaver Island Fire Department, Beaver Island EMS, Lake Charlevoix EMS, Beaver Island EMS, and the United States Coast Guard all were on hand to respond to the crash on Saturday.

The Federal Aviation Administration has sent representatives to the scene of the crash to investigate.

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