Michigan Lottery Winner Cut From Food Assistance
Just a few days ago we talked about the woman from Lincoln Park who was still collecting welfare, even after winning $1 million in the lottery. Now she's actually been cut from food assistance after the Michigan Department of Human Services found out about it.
Scam Scum: Welfare Woman Lives in Million Dollar Home [VIDEO]
Welfare fraud is probably more prevalent than we even want to know. A Seattle woman is living in a $1.2 million home, and receiving welfare benefits.
Authorities are investigating, but have not yet charged the woman who is collecting $1,272 per month for housing, as well as federal and state disabili…
Judge Blocks Florida’s Welfare Drug Test Law
A federal judge has temporarily blocked a law which requires the state's welfare recipients to take a drug test in order to receive benefits. In June, Florida Governor Rick Scott said the law requires residents be accountable, and noted that it isn't right for taxpayers to subsidize drug u…