A new law in Florida, which goes into effect on July 1st, will require adults who apply for help from the Department of Children and Family Services to submit to drug testing.  In essence, the law says that assistance recipients have to be clean in order to begin or continue receiving benefits.

According to CNN, Florida's Governor, Rick Scott says the law means personal accountability:  "It's not right for taxpayer money to be paying for somebody's drug addiction. On top of that, this is going to increase personal responsibility, personal accountability. We shouldn't be subsidizing people's addiction."

The Florida ACLU disagrees, saying it gives "ugly legitimacy to an unfortunate stereotype," perpetuating the notion that those who receive government assistance are drug users.

The cost of the drug testing would be the responsibility of those applying, however those costs would be reimbursed in their benefits, upon qualification.

Is this a good idea?  Sound off in the comments if you think Michigan (or other states) could benefit from this type of legislation, or if you think it just perpetuates an ugly stereotype, and makes life more difficult for those already struggling.