Five Features That Are Disappearing From Cars
In today's tech-filled world, it's no surprise that the vehicles of today are loaded with technology. But while we are seeing more and more new features, some classic features are going extinct. We have the top five features that are disappearing from cars.
3-D Drawings Arrive In Technology
It looks like a real Rubik's Cube, doesn't it? The reality is that this cube in this amazing video is not real, neither is the roll of tape, or the tennis shoe. Technology is moving so fast and sometimes it is fun just to watch in amazement at what they can do...
iPad Mini Is Latest from Apple
Technology is racing ahead. It seems that everyday there is a new technical offering that supersedes anything we've seen before. Just weeks after Apple released the iPhone 5 comes a new offering the iPad Mini.
New Way to Learn: Michigan Classrooms Flipping Out [VIDEO]
Technology has changed the way we work, the way we interact with friends, and now the way students learn.
The 'Flipped-Classroom' model turns traditional classroom methods upside down. Rather than receiving instruction in class through a lecture, students are getting video-based instruction, often at…

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