A case of bad parenting or a simple need for peace and quiet?

Watch and decide for yourself.

Whatever happened to bed time stories and teddy bears?

Two year-old Ashlynn Brooks of Texas has the mother of all meltdowns when her parents put her to bed without their iPad.

She's probably not the first toddler to throw a fit about being separated from an iPad or something like it. The Michael Cohen Group recently surveyed 350 parents of children 12 and under and found that 60% regularly use a touchscreen computer. 10% of parents say that tech devices are "always" toys and 58% say that they are "sometimes" toys.

The video has gone viral, and Ashlynn's parents are taking some heat for what a lot of people are calling bad parenting.

Watch her temper tantrum below, and then tell us. What would you do in a situation like this?