Do you realize that most kids under the age of eight have never heard a dial tone?

Rotary phones should really send them spinning! Lets find out...

I was trying to explain a party line to my young nephew recently, and he just couldn't grasp the concept. He actually looked could people endure such cruelty?

So watching these youngsters' reactions to a rotary phone really doesn't shock me, although it is hilarious to watch!

Created by the Fine Brothers, this YouTube video asks a group of kids ages 5-13 what a rotary phone is. They are also introduced to the concept of a busy signal, a dial tone, and long distance phone calls.

Five year-old Lucas says it best. "I wasn't born in the Forties so I have no idea what your talking about.

Here's today's news flash Lucas. I wasn't born in the Forties either, but I remember not being able to make a long distance call without prior parental approval. I also remember the busy signal, the sound of a dial tone, and...the frustration of having a party line!

This may make you feel a little old and out-dated, but it's a lot of fun to watch!