Think about this...the average adult checks their phone at least 110 times a day. If you, or someone you love is that person, we've got great news.

There's an app for that!

We all have people in our lives that spend more time with their phones than their loved ones. Case in point...During a recent family dinner, I noticed that conversation wasn't happening, which was odd to me. The Barbers tend to be loud and lively group, and we normally have lots of stories and opinions to share. I started to look around the table and noticed that my kids and husband were paying a lot of attention to something that seemed to be in their lap. If you're thinking cell phone, give yourself a prize. They were texting each other! I confiscated phones for the duration of the meal, but that's nothing more than a short term fix. Until now. Finally, and ironically, there's an app for that.

The BreakFree app monitors cell phone usage, keeps track of the apps that you use, and how many times you unlock your phone. When the app thinks you need a time out from your phone it says "hey, get off your phone." You can also schedule your phone's silent mode and disconnect from the world wide web for some quality family time, your niece's ballet recital, a get the idea.

The BreakFree app promises to help people lead a healthy digital lifestyle. It's available now on Google play for Android phones and an iPhone app will be available in the Apple App Store soon.

For more information on the BreakFree app...CLICK HERE.

Complete details in the video below.