Will this video make you feel old and obsolete or grateful for today's technology?

Either way, it's a grin!

I had a conversation with my kids about how much technology has changed when we found an eight track player together while cleaning out an upstairs closet. They were dumbfounded and I felt, well....old! More recently, during the power outages, as everyone was crabbing about no wi-fi, I tried to explain what it was like to grow up with a phone with a party-line. The horrified looks on their faces made me grin for a minute, and then I felt old...again.

Think of things that we thought were amazing back in the day and then imagine having to explain them to a room full of today's tech-savvy youngsters! Watch a TV news reporter, Kristen Hampton from WBTV explain a rotary phone, a record player and a typewriter to a very modern class of kindergartners in the video below.

What piece of technology from your generation did you have trouble explaining to your kids?