If you're planning to plant vegetables or flowers or both this year, you can save a ton of money by starting your plants from seeds.
Maybe you planted seeds when you were in elementary school in a milk carton. The same principle applies here. All you need are some small containers (I like yogurt cups), some soil and some seeds.


A bag of potting soil with nutrients and good consistency won't set you back too much, but you can save even more if you just dig some up from your garden. That is, if you have good soil in your garden.

Seeds are really inexpensive, ranging in price from 20 cents a pack to around a buck. Compare that to what a flat of tomatoes or peppers or flowers costs. If you planted a garden last year, maybe you saved some seeds from the crops you grew? It's easy to do, and makes planting a garden more of a bargain.

As it is mid-April in Michigan, just find a window that lets plenty of sunshine into your warm house after you plant your seeds. Keep the soil moist without drowning them, and you should have veggies and flowers ready to transplant when the weather warms up next month.

It's really easy and cost-effective to grow your own food. Tastes better too!