The weather forecast calls for warm conditions through Memorial Day weekend, so it looks like it is safe to get your gardens planted. I have a garden at my home and another one at the radio station. We put plants that we started from seed in our home garden yesterday.

This weekend, we'll put the station garden in. We already have potatoes growing in the garden at the radio station, and look to add some tomatoes, bell and jalapeno peppers, broccoli and carrots.

In order to save some space, I am planting lettuce, spinach, onions and radishes in containers this year. I'm already enjoying spinach in salads nearly every day from what I pick from a small container that I found while out for a run. Some old flower pots will be the home of the rest of my "salad bar."

Many of these items can be re-planted later in the summer and can be enjoyed until the end of warm weather and beyond in some cases.

Nothing tastes better than something you picked fresh from your backyard garden. Get out there and get growing!