If you're trying to get through Halloween without spending a fortune, Yahoo has a few tips on how to do it. There's nothing really groundbreaking, but here are their top three ways to spend as little as possible.

1) Look Through Your Closet. This works in a couple ways. If you have young kids, they won't know any better, and chances are you can make some sort of costume for them from the clothes you already have.  But the same is true for you. You'd be surprised what might come to you, a 70's pimp, vampire prom queen, cheezeball '80s gym teacher, sexy librarian, etc.   You can 'zombify' any outfit too, as long as you're willing to rip the clothes and cover them with a little fake blood.

2) Be Creative. This kind of goes with the first one. But if you get a little clever, you don't even have to raid your closet.  Yahoo suggests that if you have two kids, tie them together and say they're dressed as a "pair." Or dress as a jogger and a rocker and say you're Iran and Iraq. Get it?

3) Go to a Thrift Store. But you'll want to go NOW!  By next week, there won't be much left. Obviously you'll spend a lot less than you would at a costume shop, and if you have small children, there might even be a few legitimate costumes they can choose from.