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Six Ways To Save More and Spend Less in 2013 – #1
Use Coupons
Go ahead, make fun of me for being on that show. I'll wait.
While you were poking fun, we just saved about 55% on our grocery bill. Here's our couponing strategy:

Buy the Sunday paper (The Flint Journal and the Detroit Free Press publish different inserts, so it pays to pick up bo…
Six Ways To Save More and Spend Less in 2013 – #6
Adjust the Thermostat
How low can you go? Put on extra layers and snuggle up in the winter, especially at night.
In the summertime, ceiling fans run more efficiently than air conditioning, and for every degree you set your thermostat above 72, you'll save 3% off your electric bill...
Six Ways To Save More and Spend Less in 2013 – #5
Take Advantage of Credit Card Offers
Many financial gurus advise against using plastic, and insist that cash is king. I disagree.
Search the web for rewards cards that have introductory bonus offers. You'll have to spend a certain amount within a specific time period, but that's fairly easy …
Six Ways To Save More and Spend Less in 2013 – #2
Transfer Prescriptions
Rite-Aid, Meijer, Kroger, Target, and Walgreens frequently offer incentives for transferring prescriptions to their pharmacy. Often the incentive can be greater than the co-pay.
Meijer also offers free generic substitutes for certain medications like prenatal vitamins, diabetes …
Save Money by Starting Your Garden From Seeds
If you're planning to plant vegetables or flowers or both this year, you can save a ton of money by starting your plants from seeds.
Maybe you planted seeds when you were in elementary school in a milk carton. The same principle applies here. All you need are some small containers (I like yogu…