An employee of the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago was fired after she posted on Facebook about "rude a** white people." A visitor to the zoo from Indiana posted this screen shot on the zoo's Facebook page with the following caption:

Dear Brookfield Zoo,
As I'm loyal fan and customer of the zoo, I find that one of your employees has crossed the line with her post and tagging herself at her place of employment.
First of all, people want to cry racism daily, I find her comment EXTREMELY racist.
Secondly, there are better people in this world that would love the opportunity to work, especially work at Brookfield Zoo.
If she isn't fired, I can guarantee this photo will make it to the public media, because if this is how you allow your employees to treat and talk about the customers who pay lots of money to go to the zoo, then Brookfield Zoo is a disgrace to Chicago, as she's a disgrace to your zoo.
Thank you,
The loyal "rude ass white person"

As somebody who worked at the Milwaukee County Zoo for eight years, I fully expected them to fire this employee, which they did. However, there's a lot of people (more than you'd think) defending her comments! Do you think that employers should be able to fire their employees over posts on social media?