Paper Bags, "Millen-Man" marches, and now this. Sixty-plus years of mediocrity will do this to a fan base. The latest rage in Detroit is this t-shirt.

The has partnered with controversial website Barstool Sports, a sports and pop culture blog, for what may turn out the be the hottest selling item among sports fans in Michigan. The Lions' loss to one of the other worst teams in the NFL has raised the level of angry among Lions fans.

The answer to whether these t-shirts make any difference is "probably not". Wearing paper bags and "Millen-Man" marches did nothing. By most accounts, Lions owner Martha Firestone Ford is probably more likely to do something about the state of team that was her late husband, William Clay Ford. Evidence of that being the changes that came to the team's executive structure when she took over the team. But make no mistake, owning an NFL team is a license to print money and the Lions are making a ton of it. Cashing out doesn't seem like a smart business decision.

At the same time, even though Mrs. Ford may remind most of a kindly grandmother, she seems to have the resolve to make things happen. The "Ex-Pats" GM Bob Quinn and Coach Matt Patricia are two more on a long list of former Bill Bellichick disciples who have failed after leaving New England. Quinn brought in Patricia because 9-7 wasn't good enough under former coach Jim Caldwell. .Well, you know what's happened since. Patricia keeps saying after every mounting loss that the coaches need to coach better, etc. Well, at some point Mrs. Ford may realize it may be time for someone else to do that better coaching. There's just no evidence that a t-shirt will prompt any kind of change.


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