Talk about a million-dollar idea!

I saw this last night and almost couldn't believe it - it's such a simple idea, and it's BRILLIANT. Better yet, the money goes to a good cause.

To raise money for a teen mission trip, these Genesee County residents will "egg" your yard for Easter. They'll hide anywhere from 35 to 200 eggs, all filled with candy and small toys, throughout your yard. They'll even add flour Easter Bunny footprints and partially eaten carrots for an extra fee.

Seriously, think about it - this is SO SMART. Every year, I've had to wake up at the crack of dawn to hide eggs with the hopes that the weather will hold up for me, and then pretend like I didn't know where they were. How great to slip somebody some cash to do it FOR you, AND the money goes to a good cause?

If you want to register for this, click HERE to sign up.

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