According to new research, single people do this almost twice as much as people who are in relationships. What?

Text! Congratulations to today's winner, Mark Wilhite.


According to a survey of adults, most of us like this but 10% of us say it is absolutely gross. What?

A foot rub. Congratulations to today's winner, Ashley from Flint.


Most of us have four. 40% of us can't name all of them. What?

Grandparents! Congratulations to today's winner, Ann Semple.


Approximately 20% of men say this is something that can attract them to women. What?

She resembles his mother. Congrats to today's winner, Matt Slezak.


One-third of us say we do this. Researchers say the number is much higher. What is it?

Pick our noses. Congratulations to Linda Pobocik, who correctly 'put her finger' on the right answer.

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