Wes McCauley is one of the more entertaining officials in the NHL.  He has made the successful transition from player to referee.   Check out some of his best moments so far. 

Before he became an entertaining official in hockey he was a player.  According to his bio from NHL Officials, he played college hockey for 4 years at Michigan State along with Bryan Smolinksi.

The Red Wings drafted him in the 1990 entry draft in the 8th round at pick number 150.  He ended up playing most of his games in the minors.   Playing for teams in Las Vegas, Ft. Wayne as well as in Knoxville and Muskegon.

Wes is a second generation referee following his father John.   He made the switch to referee working in the ECHL in 1998.  He started in the NHL in 2003 and has since gone on to referee many games in the league during the regular season and playoffs.

One of the best officials in the game of hockey. Hope to see him calling games for the Red Wings and The NHL for many more seasons.





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