According to a survey of working people, about half of us wish we had this at work. What?

A good friend! Congratulations to today's winner, Amanda Perkins from Burton.


According to a survey of men, 40% say that when they do this, they don't tell anyone. What?

Go on a diet. Congratulations to today's winner, Judy Lutze from Flint.


Married people were asked to describe their spouses using one word. The #2 answer was 'sweet.' What was the most-popular response?

Stubborn! Congrats to today's winner, Sally Higgerson from Flint.


A new study finds that employees are significantly more prone to engage in this bad behavior at work after lunch than they are in the morning. What is it?

Lie! Congratulations to today's winner, Jeff Slezak from Burton.


According to a survey of women, 1 in 12 say they've used this as an excuse for a failed diet. What?

Cold weather. Congratulations to today's winner, Brittany Gregory from Montrose.

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