And it's all thanks to Greater Michigan Oral Surgeons & Dental Implant Center's Second Chance Program.

Daqwn Ludwig is a mom of four who has had dental problems since she was a young child. She was able to visit the dentist every six months, but her family was on public assistance and couldn't always afford treatment. She then started smoking and received her first set of dentures at the age of 24.

When her mom passed away, she decided to quit smoking and lost 70 pounds.

At the time, she only had two of her own teeth left. So, last year, she applied for The Second Chance Program at Greater Michigan Oral Surgeons & Dental Implant Center. And she found out in November that she was going to be the program's newest recipient.

Last week, she received the $50,000 in "smile reconstruction" and says that it was life changing. Congrats, Dawn!

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