This is the #1 thing that gets purchased online after people have too much to drink. What is it?

Concert tickets. Congratulations to today's winner, Christian Bender from Grand Blanc.


According to a survey, 50% of women and 44% of men say they have one of these at work. What?

A work spouse. Congrats to today's winner, Paula Rigda from Clio.


Just 15% of us plan to do this for Halloween. What?

Dress up our pets. Congrats to today's winner, Monica Roberts from Mt. Morris.


According to a survey of adults, about 25% of us blame this person for our addiction to chocolate. Who do we blame?

A coworker. Congrats to today's winner, Kelly Hahn from Fenton.


Right now, 10% of us have this under our beds. What?

A gift for someone. Congratulations to today's winner, Dawn McClure from Clio.

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