As the mother of a 12-year-old who is taller than me, I am begging you - don't be a turd to these kids.

I was hanging out with our sales people here at the radio ranch last week and the talk turned to Halloween; specifically, this story about a Virginia town threatening to arrest teenage trick-or-treaters.

Everybody in the group started to reminisce, and everybody remembered the day that they were told by a stranger that they were too old to be trick-or-treating.

Mine was when I was 13. I had made my own costume that year and I was trick-or-treating with my younger sister and cousin. We were all tall for our age; some curmudgeon opened his door and told us to go away because we were "too old."

I'm 37 and I can still point out this guy's house on the south side of Milwaukee Yes, those moments stick with you.

My son is 12; he's already 6-feet-tall and his voice is cracking but he LOVES Halloween. He dresses up every year. And here I am, waiting for the day that he comes home from trick-or-treating with the same story that the rest of us have.

Don't be a curmudgeon - if a teenager is in costume and they come to your door and say "trick or treat," GIVE THEM CANDY. Childhood is so short compared to adulthood; why would you want to take that joy away from them? Why would you want to be that crotchety grouch that these kids remember their entire lives?

It's supposed to be a fun night for everybody, so keep it that way. Costume = candy, regardless of age.

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