Play Workday 108 Trivia and win with George McIntyre each weekday at 3 pm. This week's winners grab tickets to see OAR at Michigan Lottery Amphitheater on June 24.


According to a survey of adults, about half admit that they don't do this when they're in the shower. What don't they do?

Wash their feet. Congratulations to today's winner, Allison Loney from Flint.


According to a survey of men, just over half of us say this is our least favorite thing to shop for. What is it?

Furniture. Congratulations to today's winner, Mike Donlan from Flint.


4% of adults in the US buy one of these every day. 31% of us never buy one. What is it?

Lottery tickets. Congratulations to today's winner, Brad Van Conant from Linden.


About 61 million people had one in 1994. Today only about two million people use one. What is it?

A pager. Congratulations to today's winner, Mike Powell from Flushing.


Jeopardy Friday - phrase your response in the form of a question:  Answer:  A beloved children's TV character that started out as a talking blanket.

Who is Barney? Congratulations to today's winner, Ashley Sak from Burton.

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