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About one in five people have claimed that they did this when in reality they didn't. In other words, they've lied about doing what?

They've lied about working out. Congratulations to today's winner, Sarah Keyser-Brown from Flushing.


Researchers estimate that the average woman in the US will do this about 4,000 times in her lifetime. What is it?

Pop a pimple. Congratulations to today's winner, Amy Mowery from Fenton.


The average person forgets this about 10 times each month. What is it?

They forget a password. Congrats to today's winner, Becky Jimenez from Davison.


According to a survey of people who work in offices, 17% of us say we have one of these at work, but we don't have one at home. What is it?

A candy dish. Congratulations to today's winner, Pat Komjathy from Brighton.


About 20% of us will take advantage of this guilty pleasure over the weekend. What is it?

Sleeping in. Congratulations to today's winner, Jaci Southerland from Flint.


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