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A Warren family is missing more than just their stolen minivan. A loved one's ashes were inside the 2010 Chrysler Town and Country when it was stolen from their driveway on Tuesday (4/13).

The Narra family shared home security footage of the incident with Detroit TV station WJBK as they explained what happened.

"One comes past the house another approaches my brother’s house here," said Steve Narra. "He comes between the car and grabs a key. they had easy access to the minivan."

Narra, whose sister-in-law's ashes were stolen, says the key to the minivan was inadvertently left in one of the family's other vehicles parked in the driveway.

"(He) just hops in it like it’s his and takes off," Narra said.

The daughter of the deceased made a plea for the cremains to be returned, noting that she had been procrastinating about finding a permanent home for the ashes.

"Hopefully they have some moral sense not to just ditch them because they are important," she said. "Every day after picking up the ashes after the funeral, I would say 'I will get them next time,' but next time never came."

She went on to say that somehow her mother's ashes brought her comfort as she drove.

"Sometimes I would think maybe it’s good that they are in here, maybe she is watching over us - me and the kids, while we are driving around in this crazy world."


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