It's crafty, and it's crappy. Mary Winchenbach has created a rather unique business -- the Maine woman turns moose poop into crafts which she sells.

The name of her business? Tirdy Works.

Winchenbach displayed a couple of her crappy creations -- a 'Poo Poo Clock' and 'Fecal People' wind chimes to WABI.

Mary says all of her resources ... are produced locally.

"The turds are all local," she said. "We just go out and track the moose and wherever the moose are there going to take a crap and I have found that when a moose takes a dump you walk about 50 yards in any direction and they take another dump."

Since her business has gained in popularity over the last few weeks, Winchenbach has begun promoting her products on Facebook.

"Get on there and all my turds are on that page with the prices and they can click on them and they can get to me let me know what you need for turds. I ship $#^% everywhere."

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