Amy Drouillard lost her battle with cancer just a few hours after she was married to Kyle Adcock in a Detroit Hospital. The couple moved their wedding date up as Amy's health declined.

Drouillard was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer less than two years ago.

Amy and Kyle had everything planned out for a perfect wedding day on Saturday, August 26. But as it became apparent that Amy would not make it to her wedding day, the couple opted to get married in her hospital room two days ahead of time, on Thursday, August 24.

Kyle tells WJBK-TV that despite the venue, they had a beautiful, memorable wedding.

"Amy wore her dress, and she was beautiful and full of smiles. It was a beautiful wedding," Kyle said. "Dr. Crader set up a beautiful night for us. They had her best six nurses that she wanted to take care of Amy - and they brought a bunch of candles to the room. Family that was coming for the wedding, ended up coming to our wedding still."

Groom Makes Plans to Adopt His Wife's Son

Amy and Kyle had a good reason to move their wedding date up.

Amy leaves behind a 12-year-old son whose name is Nolan. Nolan's biological father passed away a few years ago, so the couple was even more eager to get married.

"When she had gotten diagnosed, we kind of wanted to put our foot to the pedal," Kyle said. "We had to get married [for me] to be able to adopt him - and luckily we were able to do that."

Kyle is currently acting as Nolan's guardian as he moves forward with pans to adopt him.

"I keep telling him every day - 'You know - you're going to do great things.'"

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