A sweet lady from Michigan's west side made a tiny error while sewing a stuffed cat for her grandkids, and it has made her everyone's favorite grandma.

What Did Grandma Do?

Caryn Dampier was visiting her son Nic and his family in Grand Rapids. Dampier tells Newsweek that his mom was in town helping with their two daughters as he and his wife prepared for a work trip in Jamaica. When Caryn comes to town, she likes to spend some time sewing stuffed animals for her grandkids.

Nic notes that his mom has gotten pretty good at making these homemade creations, except this time she got a little distracted while she was sewing.

"We were visiting and watching TV the night before we left for Jamaica, and she was paying attention to the TV while sewing," he said. "The next thing I hear is her erupting with a deep laughter!"

Caryn had been working on a beautiful stuffed cat for her grandchildren and everything was going great until she sewed the head on. The sweet lady discovered the mistake a bit late, and let's just say it's left us in stitches.

Grandma sewed the cat's head on backward. And since she'd given the kitty a generously sized tail, that tail was now in front, making it look like ... well, you get the idea!

Grandma's Mistake Enjoyed by Millions

We don't have to draw you a picture, because Nic uploaded the video to TikTok and you can take a look below. Grandma's innocent mistake has now been enjoyed by millions of people.

Oh, Caryn, thank you for the laugh and for being such a good sport.

By the way, Grandma Caryn has since fixed the awesome mistake, giving the feline a proper (well, more G-rated) physique.



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