She updated her Twitter three hours ago, saying that they have not yet found the man and his daughter.

The world was glued to the internet yesterday, watching French firefighters attempt to put out the blaze at Paris's ancient Notre Dame Cathedral.

One of the most popular things to do on social media was for people to share photos and videos of their previous visits to the church, was has been standing since 1163 A.D. In the midst of all of the beautiful pictures and videos, this one jumped out at me.

Twitter user @brookeawindsor shared a photo that she had taken of a man, playing with his daughter, in front of the cathedral just an hour before it caught fire. She indicated in her tweet that she wanted to find the man and share the photo with him.

As of 7:10 AM this morning, they haven't found the guy and his daughter yet, but the internet is an amazing place, so let's get this shared and find the dad in the photo.

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