A woman stormed into a populated restaurant and delivered a heartfelt rant about her daughter, named Snow. She continued to describe Snow's sisters and how they just want to be free.  Then she basically said that the people in the restaurant were cannibals for eating the bodies of Snow's sisters.  Ah, yes... Snow must be a chicken.

My nephew raises and loves chickens, but he knows that they are a part of the food chain.  I know and love many, many vegans.  I understand and appreciate their view and do my best to accommodate their wishes when I play host.  But to suggest that humans and chickens are the same species? You have got to be kidding me!

Kelly, the woman ranting, is a member of Direct Action Everywhere. According to their website, their mission is "to empower activists to take strong and confident action wherever animals are being denigrated, enslaved, or killed, and create a world where animal liberation is a reality."

While it looks like Direct Action Everywhere and P.E.T.A. are close relatives, but it seems that D.A.E. wants to free all animals... everywhere.  So say goodbye to Fido, Mr. Whiskers, and even your Sea Monkeys. We should all be free! Give me a break!