Kesha is proving there’s more to her than bizarre haircuts and whiskey-soaked toothbrushes. The singer, long known for her animal activism, is speaking out against the Canadian seal hunt in a new video.

The ‘Sleazy’ songstress reveals that the best way to combat the Canadian seal hunt is to boycott Canadian seafood. “Every year, thousands of baby seals are clubbed to death by Canadian fishermen,” she says in the clip. “Together, we can convince the Canadian government that it’s not in their best interest to kill baby seals,” Kesha urges. Her voice is set to heart wrenching images of adorable baby seals waddling along the shore — and some being chased by men with clubs.

It’s not the first time Kesha’s spoken out on behalf of animals. She’s previously addressed shark finning, defended dogs and was honored by PETA for her animal rights efforts.  She’s also designing her own line of fake fur!

It’s also not the first time Kesha has been an advocate for baby seals. She’s previously appeared in a print and online ad for PETA advocating against the Canadian seal hunt, with the tagline “The Canadian club scene sucks.

It’s no wonder why Kesha is the Humane Society’s first ever global ambassador. Kesha calls her fans “animals” for a reason — they’re clearly close to her heart.

Watch Kesha Speak Out Against Canadian Seal Hunting

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