The surgery was performed yesterday, and both teacher and student are doing well this morning. 

8-year-old Natasha Fuller has been sick since she was born. While her parents and twin sister live down in Oklahoma, she's been staying with her grandparents in Wisconsin so she can get the treatment she needs at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee.

She's been receiving dialysis for prune belly syndrome, but she was in renal failure and out of options. She's been on the transplant list for years, but has developed infections that bump her off the list.

One day, a teacher at her school named Jodi Schmidt decided that she wanted to help. She was driving one day and literally pulled off the road to call her husband. “It truly just came to me after I did a lot of thinking and praying,” Schmidt told the Fon du Lac Reporter. “I told him, Rich, I want to give a student one of my kidneys.” She went through all of the tests and found that she was a match to donate her kidney to Natasha.

Watch the video to see the emotional moment when they told Natasha's grandmother. :)