You've come a long way baby! Remember that line? It's true, for the most part, but there is still the matter of a paycheck. Recent research indicates that women continue to earn less than men for the same job. What gives? Details after the jump.

In a study released today by the AAUW (American Association of University Women), recent college graduates, all of them full-time working women, earn 82% of their male counterparts. In a study done by the Institute for Women's Policy Research women earned less in every occupation except for accounting, auditing and bookkeeping.

Experts say that women earn less money for several reasons. Their college majors are a factor, as well as the number of hours worked in a week, and the occupations they choose to pursue. Women still choose jobs in lower paying fields like education and social science, while men choose better paying careers in computer science and engineering.

What isn't explained is why women make less than men for the same exact job. Even in this day and age, there tends to be a 7% discrepancy in salaries between the sexes for the same job description. "A lot of people think that stereotypes are a thing of the past." says Catherine Hill, director of research for UUAW. "But we see that these things are continuing and real."

What can women do to earn the salaries that they deserve? Experts suggest that women choose better paying college majors like nursing, math, science, computer science and engineering. Don't be afraid to negotiate for higher salaries as well.

The AAUW study also suggests that employers need to accept more responsibility for closing the pay gap between women and men, and the government also has some responsibility to enforce existing labor laws regarding equal-pay laws and to draft new ones as needed.

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