Your dreams of winning the lottery in 2023 may not have come true, but dozens of people in Michigan won life-changing money last year. Who was the biggest winner?

53 Michigan Residents Became Millionaires in 2023

Last year, there were 53 Michigan residents who became millionaires, thanks to huge payouts from the Michigan lottery.

While winning one million dollars or more is certainly life-changing, that news is eclipsed by the fact that one person in Michigan won an $842 million Powerball jackpot just two days into the new year. We've yet to learn who is the lucky winner of that huge jackpot, but we do know that the winning ticket was sold at the Food Castle supermarket in Grand Blanc.

The year is still young, but this very well could be the biggest lottery prize snagged by a Michigan resident in 2024.

How Much Did the Michigan Lottery Pay Out in 2023?

All told, Michigan residents won just over $98 million in prize money in 2023. In addition to the 53 players who won $1 million or more, there were more than 250 Michigan players that collected prizes of at least $100,000.

Who Was Michigan's Biggest Lottery Jackpot Winner in 2023?

According to Michigan Lottery Connect, Michigan's largest jackpot in 2023 went to a Kent County man, who won $8.75 million playing the Michigan Lottery's Lotto 47 game.

The 60-year-old player won the jackpot playing the popular Michigan Lottery game on August 23 of last year. The mans says the money is life-changing, and plans to use some of his winnings to complete some home renovations and make some investments.

“I have been playing the Lottery for years and dreaming of winning big,” said the player. “Once my wife confirmed I’d won, she called for my son to have him triple check the ticket too. We were all stunned!”


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