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Governor Gretchen Whitmer delivered her third annual State of the State address Wednesday (1/27) night, highlighting both Michigan's successes and outlining the challenges we face as we continue to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Whitmer dovetailed onto her campaign mantra of "Fix the damn roads" saying that now it's time to "Fix the damn road ahead" as we work to grow the economy, and get families and businesses in Michigan back on their feet.

The governor noted that the first step in this is to end the pandemic.

"The health of our economy is inextricably linked to the health of our people. Effectively
rebuilding our economy this year requires that we protect public health. That hurdle is
cleared easier and quicker if we work together," she said. "We are now in the second wave of distributing safe, effective vaccines. Michigan has administered over 800,000 vaccines, which makes us 6th in the nation."

Whitmer noted that the number of vaccines administered in Michigan has surpassed the number of coronavirus cases recorded in our state. She also acknowledged that more than 14,000 Michiganders have died from the virus, saying, "Every day, I think about the people who lost loved ones to this virus."

The governor acknowledged that everything in our state took a backseat to COVID-19 when the pandemic began, but says the state will forge ahead with construction projects in 2021.

"As for your local roads and bridges, last session, legislation was introduced to give local communities more options so they can move some dirt too. It’s a good idea – and it’s time for the legislature to get it done."

Although not mentioning Flint and the Flint Water Crisis, Whitmer said she is making clean drinking water a priority in our state, referring to the MI Clean Water Plan she introduced last year. That legislation calls for a $500 million investment in Michigan's water infrastructure. She also said the plan would create 7,500 jobs in Michigan.

The transcript of Whitmer's State of the State address is here.

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