Deonna Harris and Kimberly Haney were both taken aside by school officials at White Cloud High School here in Michigan this week and told that their pictures were unfit for publication in this year's school yearbook. See if you agree with the reason why.

The photos that Deonna Harris and Kimberly Haney thought would be featured in the White Cloud High School yearbook clearly show that both young women are pregnant.

Barry Seabrook, White Cloud schools superintendent said on Thursday that showing the girls' baby bumps would be a violation of Michigan's mandate that a school's sex education program should be abstinence-only based, and that he was concerned about potential backlash from parents. He is also worried that the inclusion of the pictures featuring the girls' pregnant  bellies in the yearbook might promote teen pregnancy.

The young women feel that they are victims of discrimination. "What's the difference of letting me walk for graduation, letting me walk around the school? It's the same thing," said Kimberly Haney.

Both girls were given the option to have a photo re-taken from the shoulders up for the yearbook, but Kimberly and Deonna both declined.

How do you feel about the school superintendent's decision to ban the baby bump pictures from the high school yearbook? Do you sympathize with the girls feeling discriminated against? Do you believe that yearbook photos featuring baby bumps promote teen pregnancy?


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