The picture that's being shared on Twitter pretty much proves what we all already knew...

...that people do NOT, in fact, listen to the safety instructions given by flight attendants before the plane takes off.

We've flown four times in the last two months to see family, and on each of the flights, I had a flight attendant come up to me AFTER the safety instructions (and to every person sitting next to a child as well) to reiterate that we should OUR masks on FIRST, before assisting the child. I thought, "Do they think that I wasn't paying attention?"


The photo below has been circulating around on social media from the Southwest flight that blew an engine earlier this week. Take a look...what's wrong here?

Passengers' masks are on INCORRECTLY. They should be covering their noses, too.

So, the next time you or I am on a flight, let's make sure we actually LISTEN to the flight attendants, before taking a selfie.

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