The week is finally here, and yes, superstar singer Jelly Roll is in fact heading to Flint on Tuesday, December 5th and we finally have a few details to let you in on.

We broke the news just a few weeks ago that the long-awaited meeting between two incredibly inspirational people Jelly Roll and our own Sheriff Chris Swanson was about to take place and that it was going to happen right here in Genesee County. Through an exchange of video messages, the singer had expressed his desire to visit Flint and spend some time alongside Sheriff Swanson after learning about the unique and life-changing programs being run inside the Genesee Country Jail, including the ground-breaking IGNITE program.

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Jelly Roll has been very open about his past and has openly talked about earning his high school diploma while behind bars and never being able to have a "real" graduation ceremony like those inmates that graduate from the Genesee County Jail's Ignite program. The date was set for December 5th, but details were not finalized until now.

Swanson posted a video to social media outlining the details, as of now, for the big visit. In the video, the Sheriff indicated that plans had changed a bit regarding the visit.

"I have had multiple conversations with his team, his publicist, and there have been some restraints that have been put on of which I have no control", Swanson said. He went on to say, "His team does not want any media. There is no public appearance. He will arrive in a private entrance and exit. His team has asked that those that are going to be in this staff with me, that there will be no phones, no private interviews, and there will be no concert outside of the jail".

Sheriff Swanson went on to say that Jelly Roll will participate in the IGNITE graduation with 23 of the program's graduates. Swanson also indicated that Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason Bradley DeFord, would be giving the commencement address as well and would be playing a couple of songs for the inmates. No official time has been locked down as of this story.

Sheriff Chris Swanson stressed that the mission of this special visit is one of inspiration. He noted that the main goal is, and has been, that this historic event is one to celebrate those changing their lives for the better.

You can watch the full update video below.

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