First there were 3D movies, but soon our future could hold 3D movie screens. Forget about 3D movies, pretty soon we could have 3D screens. A new panoramic project screen was unveiled this year by Hyundai. The basis for the screen is that it is made up of move-able blocks that can push in or out giving it a rippling type of effect. The screen has thousands of these cube-like blocks that measure almost afoot across. This allows the image to be 3D with a screen that moves with it.

Imagine what it could look like if the screen and the visual images could be coordinated. It may take a bit more technology, but they are closer than ever before. Not only would it appear to visually be in 3D, it would actually BE 3d with the screen moving.

It seems like science fiction, but it is happening today and surely will be part of movie theaters in the future. Watch the video below to see and example of how this process could work to get a full sense of how this can be incorporated into a movie theater. Could this be the new IMAX? (FastCoDesign / via

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