It is NOT LEGAL in Michigan...yet... to break a window of a hot car if a dog is inside, but here's what you CAN do.

AJ just saw this yesterday at Kroger in Grand Blanc - a dog, inside an SUV in the parking lot. All of the windows were down, and it was fairly windy with temps in the mid 70s, but she didn't know what to do. So, here's a friendly reminder.

1) Call 911

2) Take down the license plate info

3) Check nearby businesses and have them make an announcement to find the owner

4) Wait with the dog

Last year, it was announced that Michigan lawmakers were looking into becoming the 17th of the 16 states where it's legal to break a window to rescue a dog out of a hot car. No word on the progress of that law, but for now, it is NOT legal.


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