Cars 108 kicks off Back To The Bricks with a free pancake breakfast.  But not just any pancake breakfast... a flying pancake breakfast.

What exactly are "flying pancakes" you ask?  Basically, exactly what it sounds like.  Pancakes that fly through the air, launched to your plate by a skilled chef.  Where do these culinary pilots of the pancake planes come from? It's a great company called Chris Cakes.  This catering company, boasting "Breakfast with a Bang!", is based in Kansas City, Kansas with locations Colorado, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and here in Michigan.

We are teaming up with Dort Federal Credit Union to bring you a free pancake breakfast, complete with sausage and a beverage, provided by Chris Cakes to launch Back to the Bricks weekend.  Join us in Downtown Flint on Friday, August 15th from 7am until 9am for all the fun.

Check out this company in action as they bring new meaning to "fast food!"

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